Thursday, April 15, 2010

Smokey Roses

Smokey Roses, originally uploaded by Yogendra174.

I could see a rose and a rose-bud in this smoke... so colored it red!! You guys see anything else?

1. 2 table lamps with large bulbs (200 watts) REAL close to the incense stick (actually धूप कांडीi!)
2. Black cloth about 2 feet behind the setup
3. shot with 18-55 lens about 2-3 feet from the setup
4. Total dardness apart from the two lights
5. Fan off... (its so hot in summer!)

Wish there was sufficient light to reduce the ISO to 100 but i am using lights from two table lamps.. so could not get bigger DOF and ISO... I hope the "roses" i can see in this are visible to others too.

Post Processing:
1. RAW conversion with RAW
In GIMP...
2. Curves
3. Inverse Colors
4. Layer with selective coloring on Screen mode
5. Rotate & crop.

(hope this is allowed in Advanced editing.. if yes i am so happy this week its advanced editing :D)

Fortunately the rose is coming exactly @ third point (i cannot take credit atleast in the smoke formation composition :P)

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