Friday, July 15, 2011

City.. that keeps running... in spite of everything

Via Flickr:
even with the regular blasts and utter bullshit from politicians.. kudos to the city.. Mumbai!! and its people!

EXIF: Canon 1000D + Canon 18-55 IS
18mm || f/10 || 8 Sec || ISO 200

Story behind the shot
Very interesting story to capture this.

After struggle to get the "right spot" and roaming for 40 mins.. and seeing the closed parK where the view is supposed to be the best.. i gave up.. untill the rikshwa-wall said.. sir i will take you to a place where no-other-person goes to see the bridge.
He took really narrow (and scary) lanes and took me to a really shabby and scary 4 story building (which he told was constructed as a replacement house for slums!).. i went on the 4 the floor.. got the view but had only my 6 inch wire-pod.. problem ....

So i requested one of the elderly lady to lend me a plank of wood she was sitting on.. and she did... i rested it on the broken parapet.. somehow stabilized the camera on it and kept the strap around my neck. Then in the most awkward (and amusing for the people around)... got this 8 second shot... bulls-eye...

Cannot thank more than ever to my rickshwa-walla :)

This was two weeks back.. and after the blasts 2 days back.. i am compelled to pull the shot and post it :(..

Kudos to the people!

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