Thursday, August 22, 2013

Climbing Down

Macro Magic

Some people have asked me how I create a black background on the field.. I don't, the flash does.

In this picture, since the closest leaf / tree from the grass blade did not get sufficient light from the flash, its fully black. 
When you are at f/22, ISO 100, 1/200s, if the flash does not fire you get a black frame, and if the light falls only on the subject you get perfect subject isolation.

Canon 550D + Sigma 70-300 + Raynox DCR 250.

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  1. You are simply superb man!

    Thanks for sharing all the photos with EXIF details and other info.

    I have Canon 550D and Raynox DCR 250 along with Kit lens and Tammy 18-270mm PZD.
    I am more interested in Macro and Landscape photography.
    With Kit lens and Raynox, sometimes I can get good results. But after watching all your photos, I am bit confused with ur lens and some other macro lens like Tammy 90mm.
    Can you suggest me some good lens for macro which is not costly / cheap

    Thanks once again

    Happy Clicking !