Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blood Red

Yogendra Joshi - Macro Magic

Blood Red

Stack of two handheld shots under one of the most challenging situation i have tried.. 
It was extremely windy, the flower must be shifting about 1-2 feet but was coming back but two good parts about it was that since it was so windy, the dragonfly was less worried about me and more worried about getting blown away, so it was tightly holding the flower, second after every few seconds the flower was oscillating at the same position.. so had to time my shots properly.. these two shots are 12 seconds apart (in windy conditions, that's like eternity).. i took about 40 shots.. only 4 in focus, only two worth stacking...

If you are not already board-to-death reading this... there is another thing to remember for me in this shot.. i did not carry my flash or diffuser (since the plan was to try natural light stacking :D) so when i planned to take a shot at this, all i had was the camera pop up flash, so covered the flash with a white cloth bag lying around which diffused the light well enough to do the job.

Usual crap for those who care:
Equipment: Canon 550 + Sigma 70-300 + Raynox
Light: pop-up flash covered with white cloth to diffuse the light.
EXIF for both shots: f/11 || 1/200s || ISO200

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