Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Macro Pano of a Mayfly

Yogendra Joshi - Macro Magic

Macro Pano of a Mayfly.. Another FIRST for me.. never thought i would need to take a pano shot of the insect.. but see how long this fly is (tip-to-tip) to justify the pano.

I figured Pano was the only way to get the details and still get the insect in full.

3 shots stitched in AutoStitch (freeware) and further edited in GIMP.

Also these were the first shots when the insect was sitting on the wall, so had to do some acrobatics on the ladder to get to this angle and then get 3 perfectly aligned shots at this magnification.

Given another chance, i would probably want to do better.. may be better light angle..let's see!

All three shots EXIF: Canon 550D + Sigma 70-300 (@70mm) + Raynox DCR 250
Light: camera mounted YN467 with diffuser
Exposure: f/16 || ISO:100 || 1/200s

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