Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Butterfly Wing Closeup

Yogendra Joshi - Macro Magic

Ever wondered what does a 2 millimeter "eye" on a butterfly wing actually look like? 

Here is my attempt to show you the same. << requesting for a full-screen display to see the individual pixels, especially the central blue ones. >>. Comments / Suggestions welcome.

Technique: 8 handheld shots at max magnification with 70-300 (@300mm) with raynox DCR 250. kept the flash without any diffuser REALLY close to the wing (of course dead butterfly i found in the building, not live!). I realized over the yeas that if the flash is really close to the subject and if the subject is very small, you don't need to diffuse the light.

EXIF: 1/200s || f/32 (that's right!! 32) || ISO:100
Shots stacked first in CombineZP and then manual-stacking in GIMP.

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