Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Humpty Dumpty Spider

Yogendra Joshi - Macro Magic

The Humpty Dumpty Spider

I just kept looking at LCD "amazed" at the nature's beauty. Human eyes & brain have evolved to spot human facial expressions on any object, but this is just too obvious. Wonder how this "look" helps the spider keep away the predators.. there must be a reason for sure.

I would lave liked to avoid dark areas on right side, but the spider was sitting on the edge and was quick to get away (afterthought: may be i could have planned this shot bit better)
 — at ARAI tekdi.

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  1. You managed spider so well that attention doesnt drift to dark right side. and even if, it only adds showing how he positioned himself exactly on edge - anyone coming up from below the leaf wont have time to notice. well taken.