Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Extreme Macro - Handheld Lens Reversal

This is the first time i am trying something "this" crazy... Lens Reversal is not uncommon, but what's uncommon is not using any reversal ring / adapter... i saw a note below one of the photos in "poor man's macro" group and tried this...
1. Took a Marigold flower (झेंडू)
2. Pealed out the petals to expose the inner strands
1. Natural sunlight at sunset hour
2. 200wt tungsten table-lamp
optics & setup
1. Turned camera Manual mode with 1/60s.. f number does not matter!!
2. Manually held my 18-55 kit lens in REVERSE way in front of the camera.. bit of juggling to hold both camera and lens manually correctly aligned
3. went REALLY close to the flower to get "something" in focus.. and got this!!

I have ordered the reverse ring yesterday... but could not hold-back trying the manual way :)

1. This method almost has DOF non existent (razar thin).. so getting something in focus is a circus!!
2. Also do this in complete dust-free place as you are exposing camera sensor during shots as the lens is manually help on to the camera!

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