Thursday, June 24, 2010

New York from Top

New York from Top, originally uploaded by Yogendra174.

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New York from top of (86th floor) Empire State Building. the roof top was SO crowded i could barely stand there for 11 mins & 30 Secs and took about 15 pics (time thanks to my first and last photo timing difference.. hehehe!!). There is another one with the moon in the sky.. will try to crank that up soon too.

Technical Information:
Two photos stitched together for Panorama view. Both taken at 18mm with exposure: 10 Sec (mini 6 inch pocket tripod :), f 22 & ISO 400.

Stitching in Autostitch + Some curves / exposure adjt in GIMP + noise correction in Noiseware community edition
Here goes another pano.. it so happens that i like this one better than the above one.. just personal choice or may be the Moon is adding up the magic...

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