Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Got Some Honey?

Got Some Honey?, originally uploaded by Yogendra174.

Time to shift gears... back to nature!!

This one is from Central Park New York on Sunday. One of the BEST in-city parks i have been to...

Another "To Do" shot for me ... wanted to catch a bee in flight either taking off or landing on flower with legs prepared to land or take-off..

This one is actually the Take Off one (though the title says otherwise!).

Consider myself VERY LUCKY that this one came out so well... my primary focus was on the flowers which the bee was sitting on it... and it suddenly took off when i clicked (after giving me some nice shots sitting on the flower!)

Tech Funda:
300mm zoom (obviously!)
f/13 AV mode
1/350s (auto based on AV mode)
ISO 640 (Auto)

1. GIMP (extended the upper portion little to give some head-room)
2. GIMP Curves / high-pass
3. Noiseware Denoise
4. FastStone Rezide / Border / Signature

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