Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot, originally uploaded by Yogendra174.

You know me... i try something and i try it again till i am comfortable.. today i knew the technique.. so just spent 15 mins with pure experiments... and another 10 mins on picasa... this is one of the 8 shots i really liked...

Technique.. same as the one used for earlier shot.. reverse handheld 18-55mm kit lens on canon RebelXS (1000d).. not even the reversal ring.. just manually held...

I guess i am going to get totally mad in a few days if i continue to work on macros...

this ant was barely visible to the bare eye and look at the details in its eye.. the reference point is the sugar.. a REALLY small piece of normal household sugar..

View On Black

few modifications in processing after our master Suhas suhasdesale pointed them out! + Contrast and reduced blue saturation

here is the setup

and here are some noteworthy photos with this setup click to see the bigger one!

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