Sunday, July 11, 2010

Am I Scary? (Explored #99)

Am I Scary? (Explored #99), originally uploaded by Yogendra174.

Am I Scary?.. No.. Instead.. I am scared .. so i am hiding from you!!

This guy was hiding in a 1 centimeter angle on the fence wall.. his size 1/2 centimeter!!

After getting a bashing from Anvay (Sir) anvancy on noise in some of my previous posts and laziness to make a pop-up flash diffuser.. i did create a diffuser for the pop-up flash on my 1000d camera!!

So now.. Noise.. what's noise?

Also an article immensely helped with the manual settings and overall technique:

Here are the technical stuff:
Equipment: Canon 1000 D + Sigma APO DG Macro 70-300 + Raynox DCR 250 + home-made Pop-up-flash diffuser (Hand-held, manual focus) + PATIENCE

Settings: 1/200s + f/13.5 + ISO 100

Thanks Anvay for the "stinker" on my earlier post..and fire-me-up

Explored: Jul 10, 2010 #177

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