Monday, July 19, 2010

Insect or Dry Leaf

Insect or Dry Leaf, originally uploaded by Yogendra174.

Story This was most unbelievable insect i have captured with my camera yet... i was shooting macro with my Raynox and newly created pop-up flash modifier.. i saw a brown spec on green leaves and considered it as some tiny dry leaf or piece of wood fleck... but then it bounced from one leaf to another and i realized its indeed an insect.. but had no clue where is its eye.. till i captured it and zoomed all the way into the photo!! Thanks to Raynox this is almost zero crop .. its as big as it was captured. Also its a stacking of 2 photos

Size: 1 mm wide : 5 mm long : 2mm tall (Tall.. 2mm? hahaha!!)

Technique: Equipment: Canon 1000 D + Sigma APO DG Macro 70-300 + Raynox DCR 250 + home-made Pop-up-flash diffuser (Hand-held, manual focus)

Settings: 1/200s + f/13.5 + ISO 100

Light: Pop up flash and my latest modifier.. i will post the pictures soon.. essentially i have wrapped a 2 liter soda bottle... but its working GREAT.

post processing / stacking
1. Picasa: 2 shots (one for eye focus another for tail focus) stacked convert from RAW to jpeg
2. CombineZP: Thorough Align and Do Stack
3. Gimp: minor crop / Curves / sharpness
4. FastStone: Resize

Look at the texture on the eye and the tail.. something that clearly INVISIBLE to the human eye!


Best Viewed large on Fluidr
Here are the ORIGINAL unprocessed photos used in this stacked shot



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