Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where are the stairs?

Where are the stairs?, originally uploaded by Yogendra174.

this is a normal escalator.. only VERY tall (must be about 2-3 story high.. this was under "Exchange Place subway station" in New York (actually New Jersey side!).

The vanishing act: I kept the shutter open for .7 sec to get a smooth trail and make the actual "moving stairs" completely vahish.. it was very late at night, so there were very few people on the escalator (which i had to wait and avoid).

I had to stabilize the camera on one knee (as there was no way i could use a tripod here!)

f/3.5 (@18mm):0.7sec: ISO 100 (to allow me to keep the shutter open for more time & get the motion blur & avoid noise)

something new
This is something "different and new" as compared to my macros and nature shots off-late... you know i can't get trapped into one style!! Also i love vanishing point shots.. i will come up with a different kind of vanishing point tomorrow!

Do you think there is anything that's wrong / missing in this picture?

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