Monday, July 5, 2010


Peek-a-boo, originally uploaded by Yogendra174.

I have no clue what's the name of this insect.. it was a very long inset with LARGE round eyes, long antenna and delicate long wings! It was literally hiding behind this twig and every time i move it used to adjust itself to go exactly on the opposite direction and keep looking at me with those big eyes... i did get one shot of it from another angle by deceiving it.. but this one is a better one.


Natural Light.

Equipment: Canon 1000D + Raynox DCR 250 mounted on 70-300 sigma lens.. manual focus and handheld on a monopod.

Focal Length : 70mm
Exposure: 1/60s : f/13 : ISO 250

Post Processing: RAW conversion, Rotate, Crop in UFRaw & Selective High-Pass in GIMP
Two other shots of the same insect with slightly different angle!


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