Saturday, July 31, 2010

Water Drops Collection (Raynox)

Water Drops always intrigue me, so i decided to create a full collection of the forms they come by..


Singular Drop folded into the leaf


Falling from the flower


And from a green leaf


Falling into the Dark


Sometimes Crystal Clear


Some times out of focus


With the Bokeh.. cutting the frame


Reflecting white leaves


With some bold retro processing


Sometimes, just simply ready to drop


And ready to drop form a plumbing like joint


settled on the rose


or hiding in the rose


sometimes protected by spider.. like a diamond


or just sitting pretty like a pearl


equally distributed.. one-per-flower


forming semi-circles around a flower


and reflecting the green leaves


spread over a leaf


or simply collecting themselves in a group.. over a flower

Water drops come in all forms.. you just need an "eye" to see them.


  1. Yogi , A commendeble Job done , Drops shown in different forms and textures are fantastic. Framed very well.. All of these are beautiful. My fav's are 1,2,8,12,13,14,15..are jau de yaar , saglech mast aahet. To promote this series on Flickr #12 is a right candidtate..

  2. I liked the #5,#10, #13, #14 & # 18.
    #2 is great, but the drop is under exposed - if U can selectively brighten it up - it will be a tough competition. The reds are stealing the thunder from the drop.
    All are great !
    Check the stream of steve took it on flickr.
    Thats the next target for U :-)

  3. Yogi ..The large size are much more Impressive then what I saw before in Small size ..It really does make a difference..

  4. Kisi zuba mein bhi wo labz hi jinmein hum he photo's nihar sakein.......Megha

  5. awesum wrk yogendra..luv 'em ol..too gud..cheers!!

  6. Sahi re....... Aprateem photos.

  7. all are really cool. 2, 8 and 17 stands out. great job.