Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dilemma... should i sit or keep flying?

This is "second" time i have been able to capture a large bee in flight... and the trick is ... manual focus at 300mm... that's not as easy as it sounds :).. i am happy i made it... first time it was in US but the bee was small and the main subject was a flower :)

On this one... I wish i could capture some part of the eye, but on the other hand i love the legs formation and clarity.. need to give something to get something.. see couple of out-takes below..

Technical details...
Lens: Sigma APO DG MACRO 70-300
Focal Length: 300mm
Focus: Full Manual
Flash: On Camera
Exposure: f/11.3 : 1/200s : ISO 400.. (noise cleaned later)
Software: Picasa 3 & Noiseware Community Edition
couple of out-takes..
1. on green b/g.. but not enough details to make it main upload :(

2. Another one before it settled down!

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