Sunday, September 5, 2010

Take me beyond the clouds.. of my mind

dreamy kind of shot.. don't bother about exposure and details... just sit back and enjoy :)

I was almost about to delete this shot.. till i pressed the "i am feeling lucky" button on flickr.. and look what it gave me... yes it needed a bit of noise cleaning and some small edits in gimp... but i thoroughly enjoyed see a "throw away" picture into such a beautiful piece!

Hope some of you will also like this as much as i did!

BTW.. Always shoot RAW.. ALWAYS... if you see the unedited raw picture in comments.. you will know why!! (Not that getting exposure correct is not important.. but for a picture like this when birds are flying on your head at noon and you are in the car.. this is the best you can get in few seconds :).. and taking RAW allowed me to save the details and the color in the clouds.
Here is the original unedited raw (directly uploaded from picasa before any edit).

Needed some work to recover the details but was worth it... (btw.. I also cleaned up the last two birds on the right as their wings had cris-crossed and was distracting for me!)

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