Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Picture is about capturing moment

>> am i proud of this photo?.. No!
>>Why? >> Noise.. Color... Halo
>> So Why Upload? >> Still think one of the best "moments" i have captured...

Technically not perfect... looks more like a painting... but believe me guys this is a real moment capture (and Naina was evidence!!).

Hope i will get better light next time when the Kingfisher decides to "fly off" when i am shooting :)

Some more facts about the photo:
Location: Somewhere in the fields between Hadapsar and Thevur (Near Pune)
Tech Details: 300MM, 1/750s: f/8 : ISO 200.
Moment: This guy was sitting pretty on a electricity line and when i started shooting he decided to fly off... i still clicked.. and got this!
Sky.. it was overcast as you can see.. helo.. no clue why!

Conclusion: I write too much when i am emotionally attached to a photo, which i know is not technically perfect... just to defend the upload :) hehehe.

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