Monday, September 27, 2010

You are Mine.. Only Mine!

You are Mine.. Only Mine!, originally uploaded by Yogendra174.

As Kshitija said... i guess we need to organize a MEGA-MACRO-SHOOT in my building's backyard.. every time i go there i end up finding something new-small-interesting which can do justice to my Raynox and vice-varsa!

Too bad i missed the KAAS mega shoot... so just waned down in the backyard for 30 mins and got this.. and more!

This one is a small spider (about 1/2 centimeter long) which was hanging out on a large leaf... and he was kind of SHY so it took lot efforts to get him to look into the camera...

Some other shots below (to check out the size and the overall creature) and couple of more will come tomorrow where you can see the full spider and still looking at the camera!
1. Here is when i spotted it

2. You can see the front view eyes.. still tiny

3. Getting REAL CLOSE (actually had to go away little to fit into ~300mm)

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