Sunday, September 26, 2010

Got "Heart" to look into my eyes?


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Trust me .. i see macro everywhere now.. as if the Raynox is mounted on my eyes.. not just on my lens!!
And guess what.. i have started attracting insects... how many times does a large moth trapped in the house comes and sits on your lap and does not move even after you have taken 10 photos after changing lens and attaching the diffuser?

(the same question can also be asked as "how many of us don't "jump and shout" when a large moth comes and sits on your lap".. hahaha!)

Also imagine the awkward position to take the shot like the one above when its sitting on your lap facing right and not budging to move... ouch.. that hurts the back :D

I was quite fortunate that the camera bag was handy as i had decided to go for a small macro shoot in the backyard today morning (that was a wonderful shoot too.. you will see photos during this week)

I write too much when i am exited :D
few interesting out takes...
1. Full view top..

2. Look at that FUR

3. Can someone clean his eyes please?

4. On the pillow

5. My beloved kit
Canon 100D + Sigma 70-300 + Raynox DSC 250 + 2Ltr Pepsi Bottle Diffuser

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