Monday, September 13, 2010

Modelling Shoot with a Dragon

I was honored to do a profile shoot for this beautiful model.. when i reached out to the grass land area behind my building.. as promised, he was waiting for me.. He was so cooperative and not at all shy of the flash!! Rather he was enjoying the attention...

He requested me to cover from both sides as well to complete the profile and he was so well prepared before taking his position that each view had a different color background.. who would not want to shoot a model that things so much :)

Photographycally.. best part this is NOT with Raynox.. rather its with the bare 70-300 mm sigma and on-board flash.. no diffuser this time!!

For the technical junkies who care more about numbers than the image (this is a joke guys.. no offense meant!):
Lens: Sigma APO DG MACRO 70-300
Focal Length: 300mm
Focus: First Manual & then turned to Auto
Flash: On Camera
Exposure: f/9.5: 1/200s : ISO 200.. (noise cleaned later)
Software: Picasa 3 & Noiseware Community Edition
Few other profile shots

1. From Right

2. From Left (on darker b/g)!!

If you have any modeling assignments.. please consider him!

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